Live UI manual

Live UI

Live UI is the frontend for BetaPlayApp (BPA) used by developer to manage logs, users, permissions, etc… . In this manual we will describe most of it’s features.


We decided collect minimum informations needed to run our app, therefore you need to provide only 3 of them to us: email, password and your project name (if you want to have one). If you do not provide project name, than you can participate or you has been invited by somebody else, to participate in her project. Registration form

User Management

For every project, you can invite users you wish to work with. For each invited user we send email, you can customize if you wish, if user already exist we just add them to your project.

App Registration

For every project you can register unlimited number of applications, for each app we generate unique key, we call it FormKey. This key you use later with your app sdk . FormKey

Android SDK for BetaPlayApp

With BetaPlayApp(BPA) we provide simple SDK witch uses HttpClient to POST json data to BetaPlayApp api server. BPA SDK is open-source and you can review on GitHub. Here we describe how to use it:

  • place acra-4.4.0.jar and betaplay.jar into your lib folder

Example how to use:

Don’t forget on your manifest: